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The management of SIVIKAT Ltd

  • Has defined the level of Quality to the production at that level, that meets the applicable legislation of the Greek state, the European Union and the standars of the client

  • Has validated the policy and the targets of quality.

Every Department Manager has the responsibility to ensure that the quality policy targets have been comprehended, implemented and are maintained in his responsibility zone.

The strategic target of the company is the absolute satisfaction of the quality demands of the client.

Targets of the company:

Production, with consistent quality, of steel structures.

Management of the production in such way that the best possible outcome is achieved, with the optimal usage of the materials and human resources.

The executives of the company to aim steadily to a continuous improvement of quality.

For the accomplishment of the targets:

  • The firm chooses through specific criteria its collaborating associates.

  • Controls the transportations at all phases. i

  • Analyzes all possible dangers that may occur.

  • Analyzes its interaction with third party assocciates that influence its operation.

  • Educates consistently it’s personel in order to renew and attain knowledge.

  • Insures the proper function of the Quality Management System (QMS) and its yearly improvement.