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Our purpose

  • The manufacture of all kinds of metal industrial structures, industrial buildings, crane bridges, tanks, composites, bodywork items, traditional metal structures and lighting, street lighting masts, safety parapets and related items.

  • All forms of iron and sheet metal processing.

  • The cooperation with other companies that have the same or related purposes in Greece and abroad and the establishment of joint ventures of subsidiaries or associated companies and in general the establishment or participation in companies that have similar or related purposes.

At SI.VI.KAT Ltd. we know very well that the quality of the work directly depends on the personnel who staff the company. For this reason, we have chosen as a permanent executive staff people with many years of experience in the construction sector, which was acquired from the number of projects they have executed to date, while many of the executives held responsible production positions in other large construction companies and industrial units.

As a result, the staff team of SI.VI.KAT Ltd. is able to deal with all kinds of problems both in the construction and design sectors in a reliable way, with implemented and affordable solutions adapted to the requirements of its customers.

Our products comply with the latest international metal construction standards.



Today our company’s factories are fully equipped with state-of-the-art necessary mechanical equipment such as scissors, stranders, presses, electronic CNC ribbons that cut with millimeter precision, a pantograph that is able to produce any design on sheet metal of all types and dimensions, shears, CNC lathes and milling machines, etc., for fast and reliable production according to the requirements of the times. Finally, we have a closed sandblasting area and advanced indoor painting systems to achieve maximum quality.